Members' Area

Choir Rules and Etiquette
Attendance at a minimum of two-thirds of rehearsals is usually required to take part in any concert. Please discuss with the conductor if you have any concerns. Please let the membership secretary know if you can’t attend a rehearsal.

Soft pencils (B or higher for hired scores) are needed for marking scores; please catch up on any markings missed through absence.

Music hire/purchase Lists for ordering music are circulated well in advance; please sign up or contact librarian. If you are using your own music, please ensure you have the same edition that the choir will be using.

Please return hired scores to the librarian immediately after the concert. If you are unable to sing in a concert, please return scores to the librarian well in advance.
Black music folders are required.

Concert days Attendance at the afternoon rehearsal is essential; please discuss any difficulties with our conductor. Please be on time so that seating arrangements can be sorted out before the rehearsal begins.

Dress Ladies Full length black skirt or evening-type trousers (not leggings or drainpipes); long sleeved black top or long black dress. Plain matt black fabric, not velvet or sparkles. Discreet turquoise accessories.

Dress Men Black trousers and long-sleeved black shirt, not glossy or velvet, with turquoise tie; no jackets; plain black sweaters if desired.

Choral discipline
Please do not
  • turn pages noisily during solos
  • chat before or after the concert while still on stage
  • applaud except when sitting

Choral discipline
Please do
  • always stand when the conductor enters at beginning and after the interval, even if there is no chorus immediately
  • sit when the conductor and soloists leave.
The Complaints Procedure Policy document has now been approved by the Committee and is available to download here

Updated 25/10/2016